my talents include stress eating and falling in love with people that will never love me back


I’ve always associated these two photos of mine together, they compliment each other.


                                               I blew into this world on a leaf.
                                      I’m still blowing. I don’t think I’ll ever land.

A woman can preach, a woman can work, a woman can fight. A woman can build, can rule, can conquer, can destroy, just as much as a man can.”

Outtake for Emma’s protest against Turkish Deputy Prime Minister’s comment! ‘All women to stop laughing in public!’

Fear makes companions of us all.

spn meme

Two hunters [1/2]-
     Jo Harvelle


Susannah Liguori shot by Tyrone Leblon for POP FW 2012

one of my favorite contemporary editorial images

Girls from a West Bank village cool off in the Dead Sea.
By Paolo Pellegrin